Reflux – My journey with Mini miss & My Top Ten Tips

Reflux – My journey with Mini miss 

& My Top 10 Tips

This time two years ago i was expecting my second baba but little did I know I was expecting my first refluxer.  I knew very little about reflux just the little I may have come across in the babies i looked after through work.  When I had Mini miss she breast feed to begin with but I had the same problem I had with my first, every evening i’d have ran out of milk, i just wouldn’t produce enough, anyway that’s a whole other blog entry.  Mini miss would puke after every feed,  I didn’t think much of it sure “aren’t they getting the goodness”!!! So i decided to combine feed bottle and boobie and after nearly three weeks I changed over to bottle, my boobs and my mental state couldn’t take any more breastfeeding.
 Mini miss continued to throw up on every feed and as the feeds got bigger the more that came up, she got the hic-ups and there was an unusual smell of her breath.  There was days where I would go through twenty odd bibs and the floor would have puke all over it as once you lifted Mini miss she’d puke, I just knew this wasn’t right.  I had mentioned my concerns numerous time to the public health nurse who just brushed me off with the usually sure she’s fine she is gaining wait, shes bring up her wind, shes wetting and poohing and if the feed is going in shes getting some goodness out of it.

I went top my GP who said to try galvicon with her comfort formula this worked for about two weeks and at this stage Mini miss was starting to this funny thing with her eyes and head after feeds.  I went back to the GP and I now had been on the internet as i had my suspicions of reflux. I had also been joined by a friend to the most amazing supportive group Facebook support group and i’d seeked out their advice.  Armed with a list and a video of Mini miss after her feeds i went to the GP and as i explained yet again my concerns he said yes it does sound like silent reflux and then he looked down her throat and said oh her throat is all raw and burned from the acid.  I was mad, I had been saying there was something wrong I had mentioned reflux before this visit and to the public health nurses also but no one was listening but it was time to put that aside and get on with things.  We left the surgery with zantac which again worked for a few weeks and on return to the GP it was another change of formula this time to enfamil ar which was what seemed to really work for us.
One of the horrible things that Mini miss had to deal with was things called Sandifers attacks the best way of describing them is they look like she is having a seizure but thankfully developmentally and cognitively there is no damage when they are having one of these attacks, it is the bodies way of dealing with extreme pain, ie the acid burning.  Mini miss would have these attacks regularly and has had one as recently as three months ago, she also aspirated a few times which was scary.

Reflux is a horrible thing we could have gone further with things and found out what grade of reflux Mini miss had but we decided not to, but we’ve done the gp runs, the ambulance trip, the over night in hospital, the meds, the formula change, the constant up all night the list goes on.    Having the amazing support of the facebook page got me through things. Mini miss still has bad days and she is nearly two, so no they don’t grow out of it when they start solids!  My story is minor to some of the battles that I’ve come across on the support page but been their for one another is whats important because when your in the throws of it each situation is difficult.

My tips

  1. Follow your instincts
  2. Ignore the myths
  3. Buy the Reflux Bible the reflux bible book
  4. Take videos
  5. Keep going back to you GP and Public health nurse
  6. Join the Fcaebook support group Facebook support group
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  8. Mammy does know best
  9. If it works for you and baby then do it
  10. Remember there is help out there
This book is a must have written by a talented lady, you can pick it up in easons, through her face book page the reflux bible book  or online The Reflux Bible website

note: This is my story and i am not a doctor and am not here to give medical advice. 

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