Freedom – in the big city


I’ve been through a lot over the past few years and nothing stands out more for me than my ongoing battle with Postnatal Depression.  It’s taken me four years but I finally got up to Dublin by myself to get my nails done, wonder round the shops; buggy free/child free, gossip with my friend, drink coffee, eat take away enjoy a glass or two of wine and just switch of from been Mammy for 24 hours.
   I got the 7.05 train to make the most of the day, and I slept most of the way up until the empty seats where taken by a family with one child, and no joking I had already switched to non mammy mode and was like seriously why does the child have to sit near me.  But in fairness he was a sweet heart as for his Daddy, I wanted to go all 50 Shades of Gray on him and not in a good way! He kept trying to teach the little fella his A, B, C’s painful the child had no interest but “daddy” was determined.
  Once I arrived in the city my wonderful friend Lesley picked me up, brought me back to hers for brunch then we headed for the city center and we went on the bus, oh my it had been a long time and i didn’t have my bus legs on, just as well I hadn’t had wine wit brunch.  We walked the shops, got our nails painted, seen lots of changing rooms, drank coffee had not so yummie cupcakes and just wondered blissfully through the madness that is Henry street.  I got concerned at one point that I had lost all control of my life as the shops weren’t closing, who new they stay open till 8 o’clock !  No recession in Dublin.
  It was then time to head back to my friends house for much needed dominos pizza, wine and cocktail.  And guesss what we did Sunday headed to Dundrum LoveIT!!

The lessons I learned from my trip are that it’s so important to do things for yourself, after having my second baba I lost total sight of myself and i’d be guilt ridden just leaving the house to go get milk.  When the PND really took hold I wasn’t able to leave my home not even for milk.  It took me a long time to get to Dublin but i got their and i’ll be back soon.  I have few friends and seemed to have lost or some have drifted over the past few years but my mate Lesley is a star, good friends are few but mean alot, she made my trip so relaxing, good friends are precious.  Dublin shops stay open very late and I need to practice walking on moving buses.  I came home tired but it was a different tired it was a refreshed and a walking around the shops kinda tired i liked that tired it’s good to do new old things. 

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