Party Planning – Tea Party Style

Tea Party the 2 Year old Way *Hints and Tips*

For Mini misses second birthday I decided to have tea party theme, I know I know I can hear your eyes rolling but give the party a theme its makes it easier.  I go all out make the cake, the decorations, the invites, make as much as I can, but stick to a tight budget, which is defiantly the hardest part, oh and finding the time to do it all.  The likes of dealz and Tiger are great for picking up things and for lights to add that extra bit of sparkle Penny’s  are doing an amazing range of lights at the moment every things from ice pops, pink flamingos to spiderman.  No modern Mammy’s party planning is complete without a sneak peek into Pinterest, and while the ideas on it can look amazing all I’d say is why not just give yourself the challenge of doing one of the probably hundred odd pins you’ve pinned.  Don’t forget there is so many Free Printable’s on Pinterest to; invitations, banners, cup cake toppers you’ll save loads.
invites, pintrest, pennys lites pennys picture frame, pennys lantern
In the above picture you’ll see;
  • The teapot invites, which were cut out by hand from free printable templates from Pinterest, I picked up the paper in lidl ages ago and the invite inside is a picture of Mini miss and the detail just typed up and printed up at home.
  • The hanging door decoration you may recognize from a previous post of mine “Pinterest Mammy” .
  • My fire guard which can be an eye sore I decorated with a daisy chain of flower lights from Penny’s, battery operated and little butterfly from the €2 shop Easter collection.
  • I decided then to make my mantle piece a vocal point and on it is my wedding brooch bouquet, lanterns from Penny’s, Mini miss cake smash pictures and her teddies and a little tea cup candle.
  • If u look very closely in the reflection of the mirror u will see *glitter balloons hanging from the roof, oh yes as you may have guessed these where from Pinterest, I did try getting pictures of them but they just would picture well nothing like the pinned pin i had in Pinterest but the kids loved them. *glitter balloons – blow balloon up, smear with pvc glue (i found kitchen roll the best), shake with glitter, tie coloured ribbon on and hang straight away.glitter-balloons – pinterest
cupcakes, bettycroker, tea party, homestoreandmore, tesco, asda, decobakecupcakes, bettycroker, tea party, homestoreandmore, tesco, asda, decobake
“It’s all about the yummies”; in the above pictures you see 
  • A selection of cupcakes which i love to bake.  I buy my cupcake cases and decorations every where but the best places I find are, Tesco, Home Store and More Asda and Decobake.  Edible papers and character cupcake toppers I use the internet.  I used to make my own toppings then I discovered betty crocker toppings the best short cut ever, they taste lovely, they pipe so easy and keep an eye out you’ll always find them on special for €2, Ms Betty is always hiding in my bakery cupboard.
  • The pink wafer fingers are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with sprinkles this is a lovely age appropriate Tea Party idea.
  • I popped the sweets into little tea cups instead of bowls jsut to keep with the theme.
  • The cake I made and as like many of the “great” half of it is fake!  The tea pot is a polystyrene ball covered and decorated with rolled icing.  It took an hour and half to make and my only tip when making something like this is make sure you have a clear head and no distractions.
  • The trays, plates and tiered holders are yet again things I’ve picked up along the way, if you’re going to get into doing bits for parties pick up things when you see them, as you when your looking for them you wouldn’t find them.
It’s inevitable that while planning any party there will be miss haps, spilled milk, burst balloons, the odd argument but no matter the even don’t loose sight of the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s often said to me sure why don’t you just buy the cake, because I enjoy making the cake I find it relaxing, it may be someone else’s nightmare to fiddle for ten minuets making a fondant rose but that to me is relaxing and gives me a sense of achievement.  It doesn’t matter if the cakes and cupcakes are store bought or handmade the only thing you gotta have is love, music oh and of course rice crispie buns!

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