Pretty Hair

Pretty Hair – Easter

Like any baba Mini miss wouldn’t be the best at staying still for long but since she was tiny like any crazy mama once I popped her out (ya because it was that easy), I was straight to the shop buying hairbands, slides and bows.  Sadly Mini miss wasn’t blessed with lushes locks, a bit like her Mammy who “fun fact” was bald till I was two, I kid you not.
So Mini miss is getting into the pretty dresses and pretty hair and she must have her Daddy’s hair growth as it’s getting so long.  Mammy Red Head is pulling out all the many many hair things I’ve bought and throw on the Gruffalo and Mini miss will let me braid, pony tail and bunch her fluffy little hair.  

Hehehe I love how in every pic Mini miss is facing side ways!
So of course I now find every opportunity to pic up new hair things and I love Pennys, they great for doing themed items and they’ve not let me down with for Easter.  
I pick up most of Mini miss hair accessories in :
* Tired of trying to keep all those clips together keep an eye on the blog for an up coming post on a very handy little gadget I made, to keep them all in one place.

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