Eczema – The Nasty Itchies & The Miracle Cream

My two babas have suffered with eczema “the itchies” as we call it and you’d often here them ask for their cream when their in pain.  It’s awful to see them in such pain my son was born with Eczema it looked like heat rash from his face all the way down to his groin.  My little girl didn’t get Eczema till she was 13 months old, a reaction to goats milk triggered it.  There would be a family history of eczema, psoriasis and asthma and often then can go hand in hand as a combined condition.
  I tried every cream for my little boy and listened to all the “advice” that was given to me, omitting foods etc didn’t work for him.   He got it mostly in all the usual typical eczema places; creases of the body, but worst was when he got it on his face, around his eyes.  Thankfully I have a great GP and when I said I wasn’t putting steroid creams on his eyes he gave me a great cream “protopic” which I can put on Little red head and not worry that I’m thinning his skin.
  Little red head is lucky on the grand scheme of things his eczema is pretty under control, when he gets a flare up we put his cream on and he’s pretty ok after a day or two.  The changes in weather would be a major factor in effecting his eczema and he will have this condition for life, as it is a myth you can’t be cured from eczema it can clear up but you can get flare ups at any stage in your life.  Mini miss hasn’t been so lucky and she battles every day with her skin. . .

Poor Mini miss gets Infected Eczema, the pictures above where her skin when she first got Eczema over a year ago, the only thing that would clear it was steroid creams we would go through tubes of the stuff and tub loads of silcocks base trying to keep her moisturised.  We were going on a sun holiday and heeding the many myths that come with Eczema I thought brilliant her skin is going to clear up; my goodness did she put in a hell of a week as did we her. skin got so bad the flare up was awful I couldn’t wait to get home.  

You can see from the pictures the poor pet is covered she was in agony, and as her mammy it was so hard to watch and I just wanted to take the pain away for her but nothing we seemed to give her would work.  The picture of the creams is just a sample of what we tried with the help of our GP and while these creams would work while we used them once we got down to the hydrocortisyl cream you would see the Eczema staring to get bad again. 
  Like Little red head, Mini miss was send for blood test and she to came back that she wasn’t allergic to anything, which I find very difficult to understand.   LRH is allergic to raw eggs he comes out in an imieiate rash and Mini miss is allergice to some agent we haven’t yet pinpointed but it’s in ready made sauces and she to comes out in an emitiate rash.  It’s important to note that the allergy test done in the peds section that my children go is a marker allergy test so it’s a base line, unless the allergy is extremely high it wouldn’t show up.
  I was at such a lose and Mini miss was struggling her skin was so bad she had being to the dermatology specialist they had prescribed the antihistamine, (in picture), to help her sleep, as Mini miss often itches herself in her sleep, and then wakes herself up and then she cant get back to sleep with the pain.  
  But all wasn’t lost a very good friend said to me check out an article on this product Bioskin Junior the lady who wrote the article had done all the same things as myself. tried all the products on the market nothing worked and she didn’t know what to try next.  As I read the article there was a little part of me that went. ‘oh will I bother it’s probably no good, like all the rest’, but I researched the company the ingredients and I was impressed and at the time the only place I could get them was on their online store Bioskin online store.

I seriously no joking was like a kid in a candy store when the products arrived, delivery was quick and it’s free once it’s over €35.  What I really attracted me to the product was that they had an outbreak cream and then a daily spray, there’s also a shampoo and bath milk.  But it was Mini misses outbreaks I needed to get under control with out using the long line of steroid creams  Then once I got the outbreaks controlled maintain and her skin to a manageable and pain free state a cream to maintain it’s stability, Bioskin did exactly that I was amazed remember there is NO STEROIDS in this cream.  
  I used the outbreak rescue cream for a month and half and then I started using the spray and the outbreak alternatively so outbreak morning and night and spray during the day.  The daily cream is in spray format I honestly when I seen it in a spray bottle I thought ‘great this will not last a week’, but a 250ml bottle lasted 3 mouths and we’d use this twice a day on a 1-2 year old, so that is amazing value.  The shampoo is lovely and washes the hair and makes it lovely and soft, but as regards Eczema I cant comment neither of my two have it in their hair.  LRH has cradle cap which is gone weather that is down to the shampoo I don’t know.  I got the milk given as a free sample when I ordered a second time from the company and it’s nice to use in the bath as my two don’t get to know what it’s like to have nice fun bath water for obvious reasons so it was nice to use, but I haven’t bought it again as I feel the creams and shampoo are enough.  Mini miss still gets flair ups and we still make regular trips back to the GP to discuss treatment, and there is times where we have to go back to the steroid cream for a very short time.  Mini miss skin has never gone back to the condition you see in the pictures and I put the consistent good state of Mini miss skin down to BioSkin Junior. 
My Mini miss would be in bits if I hadn’t started using this cream it is an amazing cream and I know if  your reading this going yes sure like all the other creams, no honestly I did think the same it was the fact they have the outbreak cream and the daily spray that makes the difference. 

*this review is all my own and i am not been paid by the company promote the product, i’m just a blogging mammy who wanted to share a product that worked for me.  
*I am not a GP pf any type and please seek medical advice regrading any questions you may have regarding Eczema

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