Cinderella – Boobies & Bulges

Bringing out my inner princess but boring the little prince and princess’s we had with us, unfortunately the new Cinderella movie was only a hit with Mammy’s!  A week ago myself and three other mothers headed to the cinema with our four year old’s; three girls and one boy, the prince among the princesses. 
I can’t give a review from the children as they just weren’t interested in it my one (the boy) sat through it all but when we came homeI asked on two occasions what was your favourite part of the film “none of it” and the girls just weren’t interested,it was so far from the Cinderella I knew and loved.

Animated Cinderella

Cinderella 2015

On the left the Cinderella I recall, (I’m showing my age now),and on the right the new “re-life Cinderella.

Before writing this piece I would have said the cartoon version of Cinderella had a bigger waist but as you can see in the above pictures and as typical to a Disney princesses I would be wrong.  But it’s scary that in the real life poster Cinderella is just as skinny as the cartoon version.  What kind of message is this sending to the children that are watching the film.  Ok so the children that I and my friends brought to see the film weren’t to interested but they still seen the image, to them the image on the right is now their childhood image of Cinderella.  

  The size of Cinderella’s waist in the movie has caused some controversy and the actress did actively strive to achieve this waist with corset training and liquid diet! This is so wrong on so many levels, yet the actress defends the actions, Lily James (cinderella) interview .  Ms James totally contradicts herself in her interview and please don’t go “oh it was for the art”,  she says “natural” beauty then why send the message that a princess looks like this, she should have just been herself in the dresses. Look at her if she believes what she’s says no corset is needed, grrrrrr this just maddens me, the young people watching this movie are so impressionable.
  You may also note in the pictures above that Cinderella’s boobies are quiet ample and they were like this all the way through the movie,  this may answer why some Dad’s came home saying ‘yes the movie wasn’t so bad’!  Fear not though there was something for the Mammies, lots of bulges in all the right places oh yes you couldn’t help but miss them,  here see for yourself . . . 

Boobies and bulges were every were entirely unnecessary for a Disney movie but on a whole the costumes were amazing.  The evil step mother, (Cate Blanchette) and step sisters, (Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger), were my favorite as they had a running theme through out the film and the details and accessories were to point every time. The step sisters themselves were also very funny but as you may note they aren’t plump as I recall them being in the original.  I’m not promoting obesity but why the tiny waist can they not just be a normal healthy size, but to be fair I was looking more at their “wonderful” dresses, which were very step sister attire. 


The film itself was enjoyable it kept true to the story of Cinderella, I was disappointed that the Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham Carter) only said bippity boppity boo once but she was very good as the Godmother playing her usually quirky self.  The Ball scene was amazing and the blue gown was beautiful, just ignore the ridiculous waist on Cinderella.  Lily James as Cinderella is perfect she plays her brilliantly and you feel for Cinderella just like you did in the animated version.  The prince, (Richard Madden), is charming and endearing not bad to look at, bulges and all! 
  The film is long and I would advice that this is a film for older children or go with your girlfriends or drag along hubby or boyfriend, tell him he’ll see decent cleavage, that will get him to go.  For my happy ever after I’d give this film a 8/10.

oh and little note if your bringing any Frozen fans there’s a new little short before the main Cinderella film, it’s very good!      

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