Egg on My Face

“Some times Mammy does know best”;  NO no don’t stop reading this isn’t a oh to the advice on motherhood post but a little insight into me and my own Mammy.

  We were out for a lovely walk with the two baba’s on the beach in Enniscrone and into Maple Moose for yummie ice cream and of course a quick visit to see our Grandad.

  On the way home hubby rang, while we were pulled over chatting to my auntie.  Now here is where naive me comes into play.  I ask hubby how was his day told him we’ll be home soon and I then think ‘ah no I don’t need to tell him to put on dinner’, mistake number one!  I finish phone call to hubby say our good byes to auntie and off we go on our ten minuet journey to home.

  As we near town little red head mentions he’s feeling sick so we slow down a little and my mammy says to I drop her off at shop so she can purchase the essentials for her hubby.  Here comes naive act number two, from one wife to another myself and mam get into a little chat about men and how they have it easy.  My mammy mentions how my hubby is prob asleep on sofa I say ” oh no he is probably cooking the dinner or cleaning up something, he’s not like Dad”!  (Mam just smiles, and polishes the egg)

After dropping my Mammy off at shop and little red head also went with his Nana as he’d had enough of the car.  I heading home with my big happy head, naive act number three, expecting my Mary Poppins husband at home.  What do I find; a peaceful sleeping hubby, oh well the red haired temper came on show!

Splat egg on my face!  
Some times Mammy does know best,
 no matter your age!

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