The "dog" Lead

The doggy lead, nope I’m not writing about the lovely dog leads you get for your precious pooch, I’m speaking about the child leads.

I typed in ‘child dog lead’ to google the fifth picture that came up was this

I then typed in child lead and pictures like this came up 
And I’m well aware you can get them in a wide range of characters and animals, because oh yes that hides the fact you have your child on a leash. 
Encase you haven’t gathered already I’m not a fan of the child lead I just think it’s awful to see, can you not just teach your child to hold your hand?  You can put down your placards and pens before you start writing up your signs to protest outside my house.  I have two bolt’ers and they’ve both laid out on the footpath and rolled around kicking and screaming, Mini miss is a particular fan off this one be it shops, footpaths, floors she’s not fussy.  But! I just can not bring myself to put a lead on my child, if people want to stare while the child screams blue murder on the street so be it.  The made dash however is a triggy one; A full bus of American tourist gasped in utter horror as a three year old Little red head bolted out on to a road and yes I’ll admitted it he was dame lucky, but honestly no dog sorry child lead was going to stop him sheer will and strength and an open door in a teddy shop and he was gone.
It takes a while for a child to learn that they just have to hold your hand and not wander of run off and putting a lead on is only holding off the inevitable you are going to have to teach them safety at some stage.  I will agree with one knowledgeable friend of mine that on the likes of a busy festival day where you know your child is going to wander,  and they will not sit in a buggy then maybe a lead is neccassary, but it pains me to right this believe me.
What sparked me to write this is the over use of the dog opps again child lead or “child safety 
harness”.  On one of our lovely sunny days last week I was on the beach it was far from busy I could have counted the number people on the beach and the tide was barely visible.  While my two baba’s ran free playing in the sand and just general playing like a two and four year old do along came a Dad and a little boy just under 2 years old.  This poor little boy was on a lead now I missed the sign that said ‘please keep children on lead at all times’,  the child and Daddy wander around and the boy walked alongside his Dad.  It just annoyed me so much why did that child have to be tied to a lead instead of running free there was no dangers around, it looked to me like laziness.  Maybe I’m judging but I just didn’t see the need.
So let the children free, leave the leads at home!!

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