It YES for us

It seems like a no brainer, but after watching the Late Late Show debate on May 1st covering the Marriage Referendum that we will vote on, on the 22nd of May 2015, it really got me thinking because honestly up until then I hadn’t really thought about what I was voting for.

I knew I was voting YES but why?

I know now for me and like many other parents out there all they want for their children is for them to be happy and healthy.  It has always puzzled me why when someone is Gay they must “come out”.   I had my first serious boyfriend at seventeen and it just was no announcement necessary.  So why then if you fancy a person of the same sex do you have to agonize over how, who and when you are going to tell your friends and family?

Little red head at the moment wants to be Fireman or Garda when he “grows big like Daddy” and well Mini miss shes at the princess phase.

As I drove in the car and listen to Little red head tell me what he wants to be when he grows up it struck me as I passed one of the nasty No posters, that this referendum is so much bigger than just me going in and ticking the YES box.  
  We need the country to stand together and vote YES for the future so that my children can grow to be who ever and what ever they want and to marry who ever they want.  The argument that was, (on the Late Late Show) and is being put forward by the No side is ridiculous it doesn’t take a Mother and a Father to bring up a child it takes LOVE and that love can just as easily come from two Daddies or two Mammies everyone deserves a chance.
  I’m already dreading the teenage years in my house the slamming doors, the ‘I know best’ and ‘I know it all’,  sure didn’t I live them myself, I definitely got an A+ in my teenage years for being a know it all, many a hinged door I strained.  But one thing I didn’t have to do was sit in my room wondering how I was going to “come out” to my parents and friends.  I can’t begin to imagine what this must feel like for some kids no matter how open a household you grew up in, because I know the society I’ve grown up in told me Gay was strange and you “became it”.  Thankfully my parents though educated me to a wider world, we are all individuals and born the way we are! 
  I feel a YES vote would mean that our children and the coming generations would grow up in a country where Gay and Straight were the same and “coming out” would be no more.  This YES vote has so much meaning to it. . . 

I’m voting YES so my children get the chance;

  • to grow up in a country free from judgement 
  • they will get to love who they want
  • build the families they choose to build 
  • to love without fear 
And finally I’m voting YES for all those out there currently who truly deserve to have what I have with my husband because there’s nothing to say we can do it any better than “they” can!  

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