Hand Me the Tissues

My baby is starting big school and shit just got real!

When this text messaged pinged into my phone, I wouldn’t lie my heart leaped and then I didn’t know if to cry, laugh or put my head between my legs.
Then I went up town the next day and I promise this isn’t some file picture I’ve taken from the internet.  I walked into a local shop to be greeted with this row of school bags, pencil cases, lunch boxes etc, sure the poor kids aren’t even on summer holidays.
Anyway I contemplated finding a corner and proceed to rocking but I thought best not I might get thrown out and I had Mini miss with me,  so I pulled up my big girl pants and headed to the aisle that sold the packets of tissues.  
It would seem that Little Red head is way more prepared than his Mammy for heading to big school, on Sunday evening while we sat having our family dinner chatting away about the usual important things spiderman, why peas have to be eaten, why dolly cant sit on Mammy’s dinner.  Little red head asked the question “I go school in September”,  as I pushed down the lump in my throat that defiantly wasn’t food,  I answer “Yes your going to big school, with your friends and you’ll be getting a new school bag, lunch box and a pencil case”  Little red head ohs and ahs and asks a few questions about how some of friends will get to school to.  And as I continue to chat about school thinking I’m doing a great job at explaining what’s what, Little red head just goes “hum ok, I going to toilet now”.
Clearly my Little man is taken things in his stride as he does with life, so I’m going do the same thing and not sweat the small stuff,  but I think I might still need a few tissues tucked up my sleeve.

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