Teacher, Teacher, look what I got you . . .

Teacher, teacher? Look what I got for you. . .

 I was having a nose around Pinterest for gift ideas for Little red heads pre-school teachers and I came across this idea.  So here’s my take on it.

1  Head to Pennys, (go on sure any excuse).
2  Pick up a cup with a lid the one I got is a mug style one with a straw for only €3.
3  Choose a theme for the filler items of your cup, I went with nails.  You could also to make up, skin care, jewelry etc.
4  Head home from Pennys, (avoid unnecessary buying lol).
5 Add tag which I have described how to make below.
6  Fill cup with chosen items
7  TaDa lovely gift for only €8

Making the Tags
1  Head to Pinterest 
2  Type in ‘free printable thank you teacher tags
3  Search through the many post and find the tag you like
4  Print it off
5  Cut it out
6  Use a hole punch to put one hole in the middle of the tag
7  Insert ribbon through hole
8  Tie around gift and run scissors over ribbon to curl 

Sometimes you may have a few teachers to buy for, for example there is four in Little Red Head’s Pre-school.

I thought these mugs from Pennys were fab and there is a huge selection of designs to chose from.  They cost €2 each so you honestly cant go wrong.

To “dickie” them up I just wrapped them in clear cellophane wrap which you’ll pick up in the likes of Easons or a shop like Dealz.  Florist shops will sell it to you but it can be expensive.

Add the tag from above and I think you’ve got a pretty nice pressie.
As an added extra you could add a few sweets to the cups.

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