Is it just a couple of holes?

Well that’s my opinion, over the past week i’ve read many comments some negative, rude and even offensive, but I don’t take any of it personally as it’s good healthy debate and frankly alot of what I have read has made me laugh.

It has being proposed that there be a minimum age limit set for the ear piercing of children and a *petition set up by 38 Degrees has nearly 30, 000 signatures.  This is a UK based proposal but no doubt Ireland will follow suit, sure goodness we cant have weeee children be “abused” like this.

Speaking as one of these supposedly abused babies,  I was the first born little girl to my parents and the first grandchild to the family. The excitement of buying the pink pretty dresses and everything else girly, but alas I had no hair and always got mistaken for a boy.  So my Mam in her wisdom/sleep deprived haze, when I was 6 months old got my little ears pierced, sure I was only gorgeous.   Dressed in pink, sitting in my buggy with my pink and white check blanket the folk still looked in and said “ahh he’s lovely whats his name”, but it didn’t matter I had cute pretty pierced ears.  32 years on I still have my pierced ears I cant remember getting them done and they’ve never caused me any bother.  My Mam said I had no infections and the day I got them done there was no major crying, the gun pierced my ear I was given my bottle straight away I knew no different.

Now correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve read some of the comments on Facebook threads but crying and infection seem to be a big part of ear piercing and when I was a young teen I did get two more holes in my ears and can damn well remember them being done.  I don’t think this is coincidence either, a baby barely knows where its hands are let alone its ears, therefore if you pierce their ears young they are less likely to be touching the piercing hence infecting it.

Calling the ear piercing of babies “abuse” is crazy. A parent should be left to decide for themselves be it for vanity reasons, cultural reasons, whatever the reason.  This call to action was set about as a scare factor due to the society we live in today, (and believe me and I’ve rewritten this paragraph quiet a few times as I’m trying my best not to offend)!

What do you think? are you screaming at your screen totally disagreeing with me? Should an age limit be set? Is it abuse?

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