The countdown is on

40 days and counting, it’s not me counting it’s Little red head, (LRH).   Every night he goes to his calendar and gets me to count the days till he starts school and every time I do it I swallow a little lump.

We’ve the copies bought the paw patrol lunch box and drinks cup, the lunch containers one of which is a lego movie one; that was a difficult one to find.  The pencil case was a big decision but he finally settled on a Minions one for his pencils and the like and a Transformers one for his colours.  I’ve bought three different pencils and two different sketch pads, who knew finding a 40 page sketch book would be so difficult.

Then the major choice was the school bag, at first the request was a transformer one.  I searched the shops then the net but anyone I came across was either expensive or to small.  As I searched for the perfect school bag my dear friend was across the town on the same search as myself, we spent one night swapping internet pages till alas my friend came across the Disney shop.  Now I’ve already said that some of the bags I had researched already were too expensive so then how had I come to spending in excess of €30 for Little red head bag, well i didn’t Nana did, LOL.  It is a pretty cool bag it lights up and as an added extra we got Little red heads name stitched on to the strap.  When it arrived in the post and LRH Nana gave him the bag the excitement in his face; que more lump swallowing from Mammy.  For the rest of the day LRH went everywhere with the new bag on his back and I’ve put it away twice, but he appears with on his back going round the house saying “look at my bag”.  The big new school bag dwarfed my little boy, but he was so happy it made me smile and of course do some more lump swallowing.

In all the shops it says “back to school” on the signs where you’ll find that section, I think there should be a designated area for the first timers.  For the Mammies/Daddies I’m talking about and there we could have a sit down, take a breath and have a cuppa, I’d call it “sniffle area”…   In the area there would also be copious amounts of tissues available.

40 days and counting, where is the time going?

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