Shopping with Voices

Thursday afternoon and not a sip of milk or scrapping of butter in the house cupboards where bare, it was time to go shopping and I had to bring the two monkeys.  Whoop Whoop . . . 

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had many a shopping trips with my two and yes I’m usually the mother rocking in the corner of the bread aisle, I vowed this time was going to be different, and it was.

Mammy Red Head’s Tips for 
Shopping with Children

v Try doing an activity before going ie. soft play are, playground, walk etc, so their not totally full of energy.
v Make sure the kids and You have had something to eat.
v Pack loads of snacks and drinks; i find keeping my two feed is one of the only ways to keep them occupied.
v When you arrive at the shop if you have an older child explain what you expect of them.   So I for example explained to my four yer old that he could look at the toys but that we also had to get some food.
v I headed to Tesco first and when we entered i went straight for the books and let each child choose a book.  I have in the past bought magazines for my two but they are extremely expensive, the two books I got where €7 total that is the price of one magazine.
v If your child wants to look at the toys let them you’re as well to get “their important” stuff out of the way.
v Once you’ve started the shopping give the children tasks to find different items and if you’ve a child in the trolley let them place the items in.
v A reward is always good so on aisle two when the are we nearly finished starts I come out with, “how about if your very good and help Mammy, at the end of the shopping you can get a kinder egg”.  This is always a winner.  If they step out of line remind them of the reward/treat.
v Throughout the shopping remember to keep saying how good they are.
v Remember the treats you brought with you?  Well make sure to give them out throughout the trip.
v When you’re finished and at the check-out let them unload and pack, now I know if your anything like me I ate my shopping been mixed but if your shopping with children your gonna have to let that one go, and just let the veg and yogurts go together.
v If you have a chatty cashier encourage your child to have a chat with them and you thus helping this stage of the shopping to move quick.
v Keep calm remind yourself that it’s going good and you’re just shopping with the children. 
v The most important thing I find is have loads of time, if you’re rushing to do the shopping and have the kids with you it’s not going to end well.

I couldn’t believe that I came home last Thursday still relaxed, calm and with a full boot of groceries from Tesco and Aldi.  I was shocked I was able to go the two places and there was no rows, shouting and I didn’t loose a child. 

I hope these tips help you on your next shopping trip.

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