Eye Dropper Art

This activity was great fun my two year old especially enjoyed it, it is brilliant to develop their pincer grip.

1  Mix food coloring and water together in little pots.  I use the food colouring from Homestore and More as they don’t dye your hands like many food colourings.
2  I used kitchen roll for the activity but you can also use coffee filters or none pores paper.  I cellotaped the sheet to paper, if I’d just left the kitchen paper by itself the children would have ripped the kitchen roll

The two children got well into things it was as simple as once you had water solution you made you fill the Eye dropper and then they squeeze it out.

And TaDa the results!
What you’ll need

Eye dropper – your local chemist will have these I picked up these for €1.99
Kitchen roll
Paper to back the kitchen rool
Water to add to food colouring 

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