Seriously, Who has the Time?

Like come on who has time to do this. . .

It can definatley be a battle at times to get your children to eat and believe me I know, it’s beyond me sometimes how one of little monkeys survives on such little food.  But I draw the line at making faces and characters out of the food.  The fact I’ve cooked a good tasty meal, mashed it, chopped, separated it out should be enough. will hold my hands up and say I’ve tried to make their meals look fun, but on the first placement of “cheesy” hair, I said hang on misses what are you doing you are wasting precious time where you could be having a cuppa while the children eat.
The creations are amazing and its not that I’m not creative with my hand, I cant draw for peanuts but crafts I’m pretty ok at, it’s just the time is would take to do one of the above.  I honestly don’t think it would help my children eat any more than do.  
In our house meal times is all about encouragement if you eat something you get a big clap.
I dont know maybe my children are missing out but I think not. . . 

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