And She Said, "let them drink milk"

I may as well have my say for all it’s worth, especially as many may disagree with my opinion . . . 
Last week the 1st to the 7th of August was World Breastfeeding Week.  Does it really need a week should it not be personal choice and leave it at that?  I googled both and its frustrating that when I typed in national formula feeding week all that came up was breast feeding sites and the like.  I have many friends some breastfed, some formula fed, some combined fed, put our children in a line and you wouldn’t be able to pick out which was fed which way.  Equally, there is no real difference of the children’s list of colds and flu’s, some of the breastfed children have had just as or more antibiotics as the formula fed children.

I do believe breast is best, sure the milk is there and it must be produced for a reason by women while and after pregnancy.  What I don’t agree with is the bully tactics surrounding breastfeeding, most women are intelligent enough to make the choice that suits them best, breast or formula.  To breastfeed is a big decision to make, many things must be taken into account home situation, back to work, ease of feeding, confidence, type of birth, mental state etc…

At every appointment on all of my pregnancies, I was asked how I was going to feed even at my booking in clinic at 12wks, surely this shouldn’t be an issue yet why do they have to tick a box. There is no box asking what buggy are you going to use for your baby!  And the hospital I went to doesn’t have a separate ward for feeding and one for formula feed babies.  Dont even get me started on this issue, quick hide the bottle feed babies!  Nurses can be very pushy I know of women who have said outright that they are formula feeding and the nurse has said to them ‘ah sure we’ll wait and see’, the lady has said no I’m not breastfeeding  and the nurse just brushes over what the mother has said.
Now before you breastfeeding ladies get your knickers in a twist I breastfed both my babies, and yes my opinion is still that it’s a woman’s choice.  Breastfeeding for me was horrific from beginning to end, yes the feeding itself was very special and the close bound you have with your baby is lovely.  But I felt the same closeness with the bottle in my hand, and on a plus my boobs weren’t throbbing, bleeding, cracked, not producing milk in the evenings thus resulting in me crying and baby crying.  The nurses I dealt with were on a whole awful, I had one great nurse in hospital on my last pregnancy she had such patience and determination with me and baby.  I’m not going to get into my full breastfeeding story but it was my choice to breastfeed although I felt very pressured at times.  I still made my own educated choice and I think no less or more if you, my friends, family etc choose to breastfeed or not.
As most of us know there is a Facebook page for everything and I did join a breastfeeding group which I ended up leaving as it was far from supportive, they would even put pictures up of formula in supermarkets daming them and right hateful, insensitive comments.  I left the page as it was just ridiculous what went on on it.  I personally feel that wherever there is a breastfeeding group, facebook page, website, there is always the few involved within these platforms that are so negative towards formula feeding and it doesn’t help the breastfeeding cause.  If a women wants to breastfeed support and advice don’t always follow “helpful” comments with ‘oh keep at the breastfeeding, leave the formula’.
We are all allowed our own opinions but frankly when it comes to breast or formula each to their own and keep your comments to yourself and having a full week dedicated to breastfeeding awareness is unnecessary believe me if you’ve a bump breastfeeding wouldnt go unmentioned!  
If you don’t like Breastfeeding, you don’t have to watch, look, point, stare, comment . . . 
If you don’t like Formula feeding you don’t have to watch, look, point, stare, comment . . . 

Let’s all just give each other a break and 

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