One into Two, What Changed?

I have two children a boy and girl both raised by me and hubby in the same way?
Well ok maybe not, for the sake of this article I will refer to my boy as #1 and my girl as #2
#1 – first time Mammy I was living by the rules if he woke up he cried it out or I sat in the nursing chair with him in my arms till he fell back to sleep,  one thing was for sure he wasnt getting into my bed.
#2 – the nursing chair didn’t even make it up to the room and if she cried I’d wait a few minutes, panic she would wake #1 and then cuddle in with her in my bed.
#1 – obviously them being different genders I bought different clothes,  for bedtime #1 went to bed in a white babygrow and white vest, every night.
#2 – bedtime clothes whatever fits oh and it’s clean
#1 – was a dream he’d go for a nap two hours and i’d sit have a cuppa tidy round the house and watch a tv program.
#2 – naps are for the weak
#1 – sometimes this is down to the child but #1 was like clock work and feed at the same times each day.  When he got older he wasn’t allowed leave the table till he had “last spoon” this still works with him.
#2 – she is a nightmare, she had reflux so bottle feeding was always carried with a scene from the exorcist, but now she is eating at the table, “last spoon” is answered with “no”.  One day she eats another she eats like a sparrow and when she starts to kick off I just say oh leave her.
The Changing Bag
#1 – nappies, wipes, change of clothes, bottles, kitchen sink!
#2 – one nappy and wipes if we’re lucky
#1 – dummy is only for bedtime
#2- oh yes she came out of the womb with that in her mouth
The Stats
#1 – I feel bad for this one but I’m blaming it on Mammy brain, I can rhyme of #1 weight, time of delivery, length at birth.
#2 –  Just give a minute to think . . .
The Photos
#1 – piece together every second of his life for the first and well into the second year and pictures developed within a week of being taken
#2 – pictures taken, now where is that camera and i get them developed?
Leaving the House
#1 – we need to be at the coffee shop for 10 am, baby feed, clean and Mammy feed and looking pretty ok in car and on way to coffee shop 9.45 am
#2 – It’s 10.15 am we need to get in the car where is Mammy’s keys?
#1 – You look good today your outfit is lovely
#2 – it that puke or pooh pooh on your top, nope im still in my Pjs, it amazing how pretty Pjs are nowadays
#1 – I love him unconditionally and i would do anything for him
#2 – I love her unconditionally and i would do anything for her
(you see the dummy is part of her, lol) 

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