Santa is Robbed

This just puzzles me, how can there be such a range of prices for;

the same item
in the same country
it’s not in conjunction with any offer
none of them are one sale
all pictures where taken on 29/09/2015
all picture where taken within minuets of one another


Businesses are leading us into a false pretense, we think we are getting a bargain.  In my opinion they lower some items in the shop and get you in that way.  Some places are cashing in on the “S” word surely the buying quantities for this time of year is enough that the sales and offers should be true to their word.   Smaller business will try price matching but this is quiet difficult when they are up against the multinationals.  
5 Tips for Toy buying
  • Don’t buy into hype
  • Buy for longevity
  • Price around
  • When shopping online remember postage can bring up cost
  • Shop local, alot of local business will let you pay off, just be sure they are an established company, you don’t want to be paying items off and next thing the shop is closed
*disclaimer – I haven’t been paid by any of the companies in this articel

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