Pretty Hair V

Ok so if you’ve read my blog you’ll know how his post works at this stage.  I go out shopping; any excuse and I pick up hair accessories for Mini miss.  I love doing these features and Mini miss loves the bag of goodies she gets for her hair.

So this time round here’s what we have:

1  Clips from H&M butterfly and stars.  The butterfly ones are lovely and soft the star one your little one would need a decent amount of hair to hold this clip in.

2  This matching slides and bobbins x 2, where bought for valentines, I’m impressed with strength of the bobbins.

3  I can’t wait to use the bunny slides for Easter which are from Pennys and the lovely clips and hairband are from my local Wispy’s, (discount store).

4  I’ve yet to use any of these, I’m interested to see what the spring like ones from Penny’s are going to be like.  I’ll keep you posted.

5  These hairband are lovely and soft and while I do need to hold them in place with hair slides they stay in Mini miss hair all day.

6  I picked up this Tiara in Tiger for €1.50, #bargain

7  And of course some bows, from Pennys, keep an eye out for these packs they always get reduced to €0.50 total #bargain

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