5 things that say your kids are growing up

We all do it wish away each stage, well at least I do and at times I look at my two with a huge sadness to know that that’s the last time i’ll make a bottle, that’s the last time i’ll change their nappies but as your doing these things you never stop and realize that that actual time is the last.  While i’m not overly sad about the stingy nappies there are other things that i look at with a heavy heart.

1    Both my two can now dress themselves and I miss that interaction you have with them as you dress them.  One of them even goes up to the bedroom to get dressed.  Mini Miss still lets me choose her clothes but that wouldn’t last long.

2    Toys, toys, toys; my sitting room always looked like an aisle out of a toy shop but after this Christmas I seen a huge dent in the mess, while good, still very sad.  Little Red Head and Mini Miss are getting more more into playing in their own bedrooms.

3    Plastic, while yes this is a good thing giving the issues our planet is having with plastic, but to see my cupboards emptying out of plastic cups, plates cutlery and the like just highlights yet again how my two are growing up and can be trusted with the “good delph”. 

4    The dreaded changing bag is now no longer, gone are the days of a change of outfit for both children, drinks, bottles, wipes, dummies, toys the list goes on.  Now its simply one pair of knickers in my handbag and wipes in the car; for the mucky hands and face.

5    Walking, you know when they were around one and all you wanted was them to walk well now I just want them to sit in a buggy.  Little Red Head is to old and Mini Miss is just out of sitting in the buggy and to be fair she has only sat in it a hand full of times in the last year, mostly when id be rushing.  The buggy was like my security pushing it in-front of me was like a shield protecting me, its gone now.

Independence is an amazing thing and growing up learning is a gift that not everyone has. I am grateful that both my kids are growing, developing and moving on in life, but goodness its hard sometimes.

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