Bookworm Red Head

I read a lot both myself at night time to get to sleep and sometimes when my children are watching a movie ( that I may have seen “once or twice” before) and every bed time both my children love their bed time stories and often we do story time during the day.

  Below I will review a mixture of books I’ve read myself and books I read to my children. Enjoy and please I love hearing about a book so please leave any suggestions for either myself or my children.
The Short-Sighted Giraffe
A.H.  Benjamin & Gill McLean
This book is a clever way of engaging your child in the world of wearing glasses. Giraffe isn’t to keen on wearing the glasses the animal have made for her and as she goes about her usual activities it’s clear to see things aren’t right.  Giraffe try’s to fix the problems herself, with some very funny outcomes, but her friends give her a helpful hand and all is finally clear for giraffe. 
My four year old son loves this book he gets a real kick out of the funny antics Giraffe gets up, with bells and pillows and the like.  Lily my one year old loves the animals in the story and while she doesn’t understand the message it’s still great to read to both of them as both of them get something out of it.  Henry my son said as the end of the story “Mammy, Giraffe needs glasses like you”, it’s lovely that he associated the story back to something in his world. 
The illustrations are lovely and explain the story very well, there is a lot of writing on the pages and an adult or established reader would need to read the story, this would be my only negative, my son wouldn’t be able to read this or follow reading it as the narrative is all about the page.  I did look the book up on the internet and it does come up as a baby book.  
At the end of the there is a a further page explaining activities you can do with your children weather they wear glasses or not.  I really liked this element as it further instils the aim and message of the story. 
I would give this book **** four stars 4/5  
Well worth picking up 
* These are just suggestions of where to get the book I am not promoting these pages 

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