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It’s all about the Beach waves

Big Hair – testing out some products  Taking a stab at Vlogging (would yo look at the face) Seriously does the video edit search for the one spot your pulling that face!!Anyway . . .  Below i’m chatting about the products I tried for my massive… Continue Reading “It’s all about the Beach waves”

10 Most Over Used Words by my Kids

Below is the most over used phrases my kids use and my responses . . .   1   I’m bored – this of course if the one I’m most used to, because of course my children have no toys, get brought nowhere and do nothing! … Continue Reading “10 Most Over Used Words by my Kids”

Wigs, Tan and a bit of Blink

I danced for over 20 years and if coerced enough I may still do an olde 1,2,3 so naturally I brought both my kids to try out Irish dancing I feel it’s a fun active sport that you can gain life long friendships from… Continue Reading “Wigs, Tan and a bit of Blink”


So as I’m sitting wondering should I write this will I even press post on it?  Well if your reading this then I went for it.  7 years I’ve thought about writing this and at times felt maybe if I put pen to paper… Continue Reading “Alex”

5 things that say your kids are growing up

We all do it wish away each stage, well at least I do and at times I look at my two with a huge sadness to know that that’s the last time i’ll make a bottle, that’s the last time i’ll change their nappies… Continue Reading “5 things that say your kids are growing up”