Camping in Cork

We set of on our journey, it should have taken about four hours, it took a little longer – “where have the signs for Cork gone?” ah husband we are on the way to Dublin turn the car, sigh!
Once we arrived and only mildly irritated, the question “are we there yet” was asked quiet a few times! We got to setting up and we were delighted to see such a fabulous camp site – 
The site is so well manicured and cared for, pegs went into the ground easily and the size of the sites were excellent, no issues having our car next to us.  Once the kids jumped out of the car they were off across the extra large green and into the play area which had a lovely wooden play set swings, slide and climbing.  We stayed for three nights four days and the kids used the play area all the time and went for many adventures in the little wooded area situated in the middle of the site.  The wooded area was tiny but perfect that we didn’t have to leave the tent and go with the children they were able to explore together and with the other children on the site.  We could also see the swings etc from where we were pitched which was so handy, and this would be the case for 80% of the site for the tents.
The facilities in the site firstly were so clean kitchen area and bathroom areas alike.  Obviously camping meant we were in the toilets at many different times throughout the day and night and they were also clean and stocked with toilet paper and soap.  The kitchen had all you could need and rows of picnic benches to sit and eat at if you choose.  While I didn’t use the washing facilities they looked good only downside was one person used the three washing lines for all their clothes, this wasn’t the fault of the site just selfish campers.  The bin area was always clean and there was adequate bins for rubbish hence no bugs or mess.

We were lucky enough to have a very good friend who got us into Fota wildlife, which is only 20 mins drive from the camp site and well worth a visit the kids loved it.  We had planned to go to Blarney Castle but at €15 per adult we felt this was overpriced.  On Sunday we went to Cobh and we walked around ate candyfloss and had a relaxing time together.  I would recommend the Titanic experience there, but we’ve previously being to it so we didn’t go again.   In the Blarney Caravan and Campsite there is an 18 hole pitch and putt attached to it, there is fee but it’s worth doing as it takes about an hour and half and the kids loved it, Daddy not so much he spend more time next to the tress.


 Not always an important thing as I’m sure like many when camping technology takes a back seat, but the camp site had free WiFi which was great and we were able to watch the Mayo match.  Its fair to say that this may not be the case if the site was very busy but we were lucky it wasn’t to busy so not alot of people using the WiFi.  A small issue which only started on our last night (Sunday we arrived Friday), the planes flying into Cork Airport. noisy and low it didn’t hinder us much as the noise was quick but the planes go throughout the night but like I mentioned its quick and there isn’t alot of planes.

The rates on the site while a little more than up our way, was worth paying, facilities where brilliant, the kids were catered for, the ground for pitching were excellent.  The four hour drive was well worth it and the sun shone the entire time we were there.  The kids made friends and spent little time sitting, they slept no bother even sleeping in two mornings. 
We would recommend this site!

No Uniform

My son goes to a non uniform school . . . 
I know I can hear alot of you going ‘oh no, uniforms all the way’?

Well I disagree!  Why . . .

My son’s school has no uniform as part of the belief, teaching and the ethos carried out throughout the school –  we are all individuals and should be allowed express ourselves.  Yes OK our clothes don’t define us but a child more comfortable will sit and learn better.
The alternative in most schools –  stiff uncomfortable shirts, trousers they can’t move in,  skirts that inhibit their playing, ties and heavy itchy jumpers and cardigans.  No my son gets to wear comfy tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and a hoodie.

No I don’t have more washing why would I?  Just like a uniformed child he gets more than one day out of his clothes and I have less washing because when he gets home from school he stays in the same outfit.  Unlike a uniformed child who you have to instruct to change out of their uniform straight away, because goodness what if it gets dirty and the second pinafore/pants you have aren’t dry yet, Drama!!  And I also don’t have the dreaded uniform race – you know the whole thing of get the uniform into the washing machine on Friday get it dried and ironed by Sunday night, i’m tired just writing about the whole pa-lava.

No it doesn’t cost me more, it cost me less if anything because the clothes my son wears during school he wears at home after school and at the weekend he wears his jeans , with a t-shirt and hoodie.  Just like most people I buy the bits and pieces for school in the summer months so for example in Lidl this week I bought the tracksuit bottoms for €3.49, bargain and when there is sales on in other places I pick up t-shirts, hoodies, vest etc.

No, there isn’t an issue with bullying and when I was researching schools this was one of the questions I specifically asked.  It doesn’t matter if my sons runners are Nike or Dunnes, the children are thought that everyone is individual and not every family may have the same money to spend on certain big named brands.  Honestly its not an issue and I was assured and know this to be true that if something did come up it would b dealt with in a teaching way.

So not convinced then that’s OK, just think of me on a Sunday evening when your pulling out that soaked uniform wondering how your going to get it dry for the morning,  I’ll be sipping my tea happily once I’ve pulled something out of the wardrobe.

Shit Mam

Did  you ever just have those moments where you feel like you’re just being the shittiest mother?

Well that’s me lately I don’t know is it the ever looming summer holidays where its going to be full on entertainment 24/7.    I’ve had my low points three years of postnatal depression, hey bought the t shirt, swallowed the pills come out the other side.  Surely what ever funk I’m in I should be able to shake.

My kids are 4 and 6 yup precious ages, um well my two are at the lovely stage of telling me exactly what I’m doing wrong and goodness does it stink at times.  And often I take it so personally,  hubby will come to me and say their kids don’t heed them but we differ on this parenting issue.  While yes OK in hindsight they’re only starting to realize what may hurt, but I feel they should know that if they tell Mammy “she does nothing all day” that this merits a stern talking to.

Each age my kids have hit has come with it’s issues, challenges call them what you like, but this last few weeks I’ve found myself just thinking what have I done wrong, why am I raising my voice so much ahhhhhhhhh they just aren’t listening.

Do you know what STOP because,  just like me the kids are probably tired and need the up coming “rest”.  I started out this post not really knowing where it was going but knowing I needed to hash it out through the keyboard.  So while I feel A little less Shit mother and today, tomorrow and the next I’m going to stop myself and just say, “No” breath and I’m not going to shout cause the only person I have to blame for feeling crappy is Me.
Now que the lovely pic of my kids hugging me . . .

Hey this was the best I could find because of course I take all the pictures I.m rarely in them 

Get Your Walking Shoes On

Four weeks ago myself and my friend got our walking shoes on, to be honest we didn’t know if we’d last two days.  But here we are four weeks later and alot of miles covered.  Like many out there we were walking for the obvious get fit loose, some weight and after Christmas there was a few extra pounds to shift.  Walking for me has always helped clear my mind so why I didn’t get out of the house sooner I don’t know.

“The difference it’s made to my day”

I drop the kids to school then straight to meet my walking buddy and off we go.  We walk different routes each day and some days we de-tour to the shops after the walk to do messages or just browse. Now don’t get me wrong there’s no power walking involved here it’s walking at a decent pace and having a chat as we go,  solving the woes of our lives!
Most mornings I wake up and just want to go back to sleep and I feel like I was where I was three years ago, an empty hole lost with everything falling in on me.  The feeling last only for a second as I see my clothes ready for me to get dressed into and I think right up and get ready for the walk.  Once I’ve got out and done the walk I’m so ready for the day.
I know this all sounds a bit “La La Land” but honestly getting out for a half hour walk will make all the difference to your day.  Don’t take my word for it try it yourself, honestly it will help.
Stop all the excuses I’ve to clean the floors, do the laundry, cook the dinner, tidy the kids rooms and so on, believe me that will wait and you’ll get those meanness tasks done in half the time after you’ve filled your lungs and mind with fresh air.

Look don’t take my word for it
grab your coat, hat and scarf, wrap up and go for a walk, it’s the best tonic . . .

3 Parties, Awards and a Decision

Three birthday parties, one awards ceremony, countless trips up and down the same stretch of road, one big decision and a tried Mammy and tomorrow is Monday, sob!

It feels like it’s Friday but no

I’ve spend my weekend in the car honestly I’m thinking of just throwing a sleeping bag in the car and buying a car plug-in kettle thing to make my tea and I’ll be set up. I spent more time in the car this weekend then I did anywhere else.
My main outings this weekend were jungle gym places filled with screams, tears, cake, songs, referring etc. I’ve done lots of chit chat and had some good laughs, because lets be honest we go to our kids parties with a heavy heart thrown in with people who if given the choice we may not necessarily choose to spend time with.  I’m one of these annoying Mammies who wait at the party yup love or loath me I’m there I’ll help where I can, but I’m there. I sit have a cuppa and chat with the other Mammy’s also waiting around “swapping stories and advice”. Who am I kidding we are there for the same reason . . .
Little Red Head had his first football awards ceremony this weekend I was really impressed we had three Mayo footballers and while what they said went totally over my sons head I was impress and encouraged that we are part of a club with such an invested interested in our youth.  It’s that feeling of there’s something out there for my kids in my community the three lads spoke so well and LRH was so excited about his cert.  I’m told I must purchase a frame ASAP.
Among all the car trips, parties and cake we as a family had to make a difficult decision this weekend.  Last November we entered into something that we thought would go very different and it hasn’t.  When you start something and feel like you’ve failed and have to stop its difficult but when it’s effecting those you love you haven’t a choice.  We know as a family we’ve done the right thing but it wasn’t easy, people will be disappointed and feel let done.

There you have it, I still feel like it’s only Friday night, but my children had a brilliant weekend, I’m thankfully for the lovely parties they got invited to.  The fab friends they have, the mammies aren’t half bad either.  The community spirit we got to be involved in on Saturday was special and I may be tired but it’s better than being board.