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Dunneill River Walk – Dromore West Co. Sligo

Sligo walking Trials

Dunneill River walk is situated in the small village of Dromore West on the main road to Sligo.  The entrance to the lovely river walk is to the lef, leaving the village from Ballina side.  You can park up along the main road (make… Continue Reading “Dunneill River Walk – Dromore West Co. Sligo”

Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk – Moygownagh Co. Mayo

blanemore forest walk

This walk is a hidden gem in the heart of Mayo a true explore and investigate kind of walk.  The kids will have an adventure discovering the paths and walking through the tall tress and wild paths.  The 4.8 km walk on wooded paths,… Continue Reading “Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk – Moygownagh Co. Mayo”

Children’s Events – Ballina Salmon Festival

Children’s Events, Ballina Salmon Festival                                                             With the weather heating up a little and the snow drops popping up the plans for the upcoming summer are beginning to start.  With two busy children who are always asking “what are we doing today, Mammy?” I’m always… Continue Reading “Children’s Events – Ballina Salmon Festival”

Keel Beautiful Keel

Cars packed we’ve narrowed down a laundry basket full of toys and a box full of toys to two neat backs packs.  Tent  – check Sleeping bags – check sun cream  – check midgie spray – check And we’re off, but where to?  It… Continue Reading “Keel Beautiful Keel”

No, I dont have two beautiful Girls!

No, I don’t have two beautiful Girls! Why is it so important to people that my beautiful, intelligent, funny, talkative four year boy fit into the norm, of the short back and sides.  There isn’t a week that goes by that my son doesn’t… Continue Reading “No, I dont have two beautiful Girls!”